HYBE JAPAN’s 1st group &TEAM and virtual group SAGONG_EE_HO to participate in the “2022 AAA IN JAPAN” 

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New artists who are responsible for the future of global music market will appear at the 2022 AAA.

The nine-member global group &TEAM and the three-member virtual group SAGONG_EE_HO will attend the 2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN in Nagoya, Japan, on December 13th to present a special stage that breaks down borders and virtual reality walls.

and team

&TEAM (K, Fuma, Nicholas, EJ, Yuma, Jo, Harua, Taki, and Maki) is the first global group to be presented by HYBE Labels Japan. They are determined to become “nine people with different personalities that come together to build a team and connect various worlds.” They, who have continued from different starting points, run for a more grown tomorrow based on the strength of solidarity and positive energy.

and team

Of course, not just Korea and Japan, but also fans around the world are focusing on &TEAM’s debut on December 7th. In particular, “2022 AAA” is expected to be more interesting in that it will be the group’s first official stage after its debut.

and team

In addition, 2022 AAA will be the first ever to welcome the appearance of virtual artists. The main character is SAGONG_EE_HO (OreeR.C, XOONY, and Itaewon Park), who officially debuted in June as a virtual group created to represent the MZ generation’s anxiety or “underdog” sentiment in the metaverse era.

and team

SAGONG_EE_HO, who recently released its new song “CIRCUS DA” following its debut song “WAKE UP,” is presenting a new paradigm to the K-POP industry with its unique worldview and colorful marketing. In particular, “2022 AAA” will remove barriers between the real and virtual world by presenting fresh and unique virtual openings that have not been seen at any previous awards ceremonies.


Hosted by Star News and Media Boy and co-hosted by the Asia Artist Awards organizing committee, The Star Partner and Culture Entertainment, “2022 AAA” will be held offline for the first time in three years at Nihongaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan. Lee Teuk and Jang Won-young will work as MCs following last year.

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On December 14, the day after the awards ceremony, the Gala Show “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE” will be held for the first time at the same place. Singer and actor Hwang Min-hyun and Yabuki Nako from IZ*ONE, who are familiar with Korean fans, will be in charge of hosting the show.

The Global No. 1 Awards “2022 Asia Artist Awards IN JAPAN” will be held on December 13th and the Gala Show “2022 AAA AFTER STAGE” will be held at Nihongai City Hall in Nagoya, Japan, on December 14th.

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