LE SSERAFIM Sakura has no cell phone due to being a rookie? 100 kg kimchi challenge

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Sakura, a member of girl group LE SSERAFIM, showed her charms through her solo web entertainment show “Don’t Be Afraid”.

On November 23rd,  a video titled “100 KG Napa cabbage Kimchi challenge” was published on the official YouTube channel “Don’t Be Afraid” of LE SSERAFIM Sakura

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In the video, Sakura can be seen having a pre-meeting. Regarding her first solo web entertainment experience, Sakura said, “I’m so nervous and burdened about my first solo web variety show. I want to try resin art. I want to do everything I can do at home, such as drawing comics and playing games. I shouldn’t say this, but I want to be pranked with a hidden camera as well.”

When asked if she could film with a stranger, the LE SSERAFIM member said, “If it’s on a schedule, it’s possible. I don’t mind doing difficult things like that, but I tend to get stressed if the result is not funny. My MBTI was 99% I (Introverted).”

Shortly after, LE SSERAFIM Sakura began her first shoot. Towards the camera, the female idol revealed the reason for her happiness, saying, “I have been wanting to see Kim Soo Hyun ever since I came to Korea. It’s because he’s so handsome.”

Sakura also revealed her love for kimchi while on the move, adding, “I ate kimchi stew in the morning. I think I eat it once a day.”

le sserafim sakura

Then, Sakura arrived at a country house, and received the mission of making 100 kg of kimchi. Sitting while surrounded by about 40 heads of napa cabbage, Sakura asked, perplexed, “Can this be done alone?”

The female idol also said she didn’t know how to season kimchi. Then, Kangnam appeared behind her, but Sakura didn’t recognize him, and asked, “Are you a guest or a regular person?” 

Hearing this, Kangnam asked Sakura to search his name on her cell phone, but Sakura said, “I don’t have a cell phone. I give it to my manager when filming. It’s because I’m a rookie.” 

le sserafim sakura

In shock, Kangnam questioned, “You have been working in Japan for so long.. How can you be considered a rookie?” It is known that Sakura joined the Japanese girl group HKT48 in July 2011, whilst Kangnam debuted with M.I.B in October 2011.

The two then moved on to discussing their hometown in Japan and the personality and dialect of people from their hometown.

Source: Nate

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