5 Times Korean Celebrities Went Viral For Performing To NewJeans’ Songs At Unexpected Events

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Ever since their debut in July, NewJeans seems to have taken over South Korea with their fresh sound and addicting concept. All four of the songs from their debut EP have managed to garner huge popularity, even among celebrities. Thanks to that, NewJeans have often taken over certain events, even without being present.

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Here are 5 times when other celebrities grooved to the rookie group’s songs at their own events:

1. Kang Tae Oh

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The Extraordinary Attorney Woo lead won the hearts of many with his portrayal of Lee Jun Ho, as well as his charming off-screen personality. During a fan event in August, the actor swept fans off their feet with his moves to NewJeans’ “Hype Boy.” He only watched the dance twice and then hit all the key points of the choreography like a pro!

2. Kim Go Eun

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Kim Go Eun had already proclaimed her love for NewJeans during an interview in September. The actress giddily confessed, “I love NewJeans. They’re very pretty.

Though fans were excited to see her support the new girl group, nobody expected her to actually perform their song during her own fan event in October. Clad in a black satin shirt and baggy pants, Kim Go Eun’s visuals were already shining on stage. But when she actually came out with her dancers to the tunes of “Hype Boy,” people were left floored beyond recovery by her moves and stage presence. In fact, she was enjoying herself so much during the performance that many felt she was a perfect fit to be an idol!

3. SF9 and ONF

SF9 Member Inseong| @pum.castle/Instagram

ONF’s E-tion| @wm_onoff/Instagram

ONF’s J-US | @wm_onoff/Instagram

Last month a clip of SF9’s Inseong, and ONF’s E-Tion and J-US went viral on the internet where they were seen dancing to NewJeans’ “Hype Boy.” Though many idols had joined in the “Hype Boy” dance challenge at that point, what made this clip special was that all three idols performed this in their military outfits at the Gyeryong Military Cultural Expo 2022! Out of all the places NewJeans could make an unexpected “appearance,” this has got to be one of the wildest ones.

4. Sunmi

| @miyayeah/Instagram 

When it comes to killer moves, there is hardly anyone who can outdo Sunmi. Now when you combine her charisma with NewJeans’ discography, it’s an explosion waiting to happen. And that’s exactly how Sunmi took her fans down during her Halloween Party event last month. Not only did the diva groove along to “Hype Boy,” but she blessed the world with her dance cover to “Attention” as well.

5. Park Jin Young

| @asiansoul_jyp

Probably nobody on this planet saw this one coming. Last week, while promoting his new release “Groove Back” on Music Bank, JYP Entertainment’s founder Park Jin Young gave a short but iconic performance to “Hype Boy.” Though he immediately apologized for not getting the entire choreography right, netizens were shook to see how well he actually executed the moves.

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