Third-Generation Idol Jeong Sewoon Is “Abandoned” After Not Recognizing BTS’s Jin On “The Game Caterers”

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When it comes to seven of the biggest stars in K-Pop, the members of BTS are definitely at the top of the list.

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In particular, the oldest member Jin has good reason to be called “Worldwide Handsome” as his visuals are extremely noticeable by netizens worldwide.

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

| @jin/Instagram

Well, it seems like there is someone who recently struggled to identify the idol, and the reaction of those around them was truly iconic.

Idols and actors from the K-Pop Starship Entertainment appeared on the recent episodes ofย The Game Caterersย and shocked fans with their diversity and charisma throughout.

In recent episodes, the teams had to classic games to earn some food for their trip. As expected, it was true chaos, with all the groups trying their hardest not to succumb to the pressure and earn some food.

When it came to MONSTA X, they were teaming with third-generation soloist Jeong Sewoon and second-generation star K.Will. As idols, they were given the “character quiz” where they had to name stars based on pictures.

It was all going well, and with a mix of generations and idols, they seemed to be comfortable getting the answers for many of them.

Until it got seemingly to the last round and the turn of Jeong Sewoon. Of course, the game is extremely nerve-wracking with the time limit, which meant that when a handsome picture of BTS’s Jin appeared, the soloist suddenly froze and couldn’t give an answer.

Rather than encourage the idol after not getting the answers, the members of MONSTA X and K.Will were shocked and got up to leave their team member…

Except when K.Will came back to remove the whiskey they had just lost from the game.

While MONSTA X then tried to comfort the singer, Sewoon then explained that he was very hot, maybe trying to find a reason why he couldn’t identify Jin.

After the episode aired, the clip went viral on social media, with millions of views in less than 24 hours. In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over the reaction of MONSTA X and K.Will, joking that they were ready to leave him…




CRAVITY even revealed earlier in the episode that their staff had told them to memorize the faces of BTS before the game.

Although it could’ve just been the nature of the game being stressful or whether he couldn’t see, the rest of his team’s reaction shows the influence of BTS.

You can read more aboutย The Game Caterers with the Starship roster below.

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