Mnet Reveals An Unreleased Picture From 2018 MAMA Awards, Showcasing A Legendary Lineup Of Third-Generation Idols Together

Image for Mnet Reveals An Unreleased Picture From 2018 MAMA Awards, Showcasing A Legendary Lineup Of Third-Generation Idols Together

At the end of the month, K-Pop fans worldwide will join together to watch the annual MAMA Awards, where the achievements of idols for the year are celebrated. This year is no exception, and the announcements of attendees and performances have fans excited.

Of course, when MAMA Awards season comes around, it’s the perfect time for netizens to take a trip down memory lane and look at past events. In particular, one of the most iconic shows was back in 2018 when the event was held in Hong Kong.

Along with some iconic performances by BTS, MAMAMOO, and TWICE, it was also an awards ceremony full of some of the biggest stars in K-Pop and was definitely the event for the third-generation idols.

BTS’s performance of “IDOL” | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic” & “Starry Night” performance | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

TWICE’s cover of miss A ” Bad Girl Good Girl” | Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

Well, it seems like netizens are really taking a trip down memory lane after an unreleased picture from the event was released on social media.

In a Facebook post on the page “Idol Issue,” a new image was shared from the event, and it explained that the photo was released for the first time, listing some of the iconic stars in the image.

2018 MAMA behind-the-scene photo released for the first time today.jpg
GOT7 SEVENTEEN Wanna One BTS Roy Kim Song Joong Ki Lee Mikyung (CJ vice president) Tiger JK Yoon Mirae.

— Idol Issue


The image shared shows a group of iconic stars and third-generation idols in what seems like photos taken either before or after the event.

| Idol Issue/Facebook

Amongst the crowd, netizens noticed the likes of BTS, Tiger JK, Wanna One, GOT7, SEVENTEEN, and even actor Song Joong Ki who was the host of the event.



When the images were shared on social media, netizens couldn’t stop sharing their excitement. Many fans have shared concerns that new idols worry about interacting in fear of wars between fandoms, but added that this time was the peak of idols interacting without any fears.

Even though it’s been four years since the event, the new photo has taken a lot of fans down memory lane, showcasing some of the hottest K-Pop groups during that time.

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